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Puppetry Artwork of Ronald Binion




Ronald Binion

Puppet Artist-Brooklyn, New York
Performer, designer, fabricator, for Film, Television, Theater and humanitarian puppetry.

Ronald Binion-Resume

Puppeteer Reel

Ghostbusters 2016
Puppeteer and fabricator for “Slimer”
Worked with a team of artists to build and perform the practical “Slimer” Ghost character.
The Character Shop-Simi Valley, California

Performer of character “Pixel”
Puppet Producer

Broadway Musical- Pippin 2013-present
Illusion effects for the Tony Award winning Broadway Musical and the National Tour.

Ghost-Broadway Musical
Illusion effects-2012

Ford Focus Online Marketing Campaign-2011
Designed and built puppet spokesperson “ Doug” for the 2012 Ford Focus.

TV Show-Community-Animated Christmas special 2011
Bix Pix, Burbank, CA

Puppet Builder/ Costumer

Puppet workshops in Africa for the Irish Aid organization GOAL
HIV/AIDS public awareness project

No Strings International
Overseas Puppet Workshop trainer/puppeteer
Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Kenya, Haiti

Nike-Kobe Bryant/LeBron James Commercials-2010
Puppeteer and puppet builder.

Crank Yankers-Comedy Central
Lead Puppeteer 2002-2006

Guest Artist- Producer and Director
Crossing Boundaries-Cradle to Grave
Eugene O’Neill National Puppetry Conference
Waterford, Connecticut 2007

Book of Pooh-Disney Channel
Emmy Nomination Puppet Design

The Jim Henson Company 1996-1999
New York Muppet Workshop
Muppet designer/wrangler/builder
Bear in the Big Blue House, Muppets Tonight, Muppet Treasure Island, the Animal Show, and Emmy nomination-puppet design for The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss

The Center for Puppetry Arts- Atlanta, GA
Resident Puppeteer and Head Puppet builder



Lilly in the City (pilot) photo by Melissa Creighton

Lilly in the City (pilot) photo by Melissa Creighton

Alice Dinnean, Ronald Binion and Birchum from Crank Yankers photo by Adam Pagdon

Alice Dinnean, Ronald Binion and Birchum from Crank Yankers photo by Adam Pagdon


Ronald Binion started his artistic life as a teenager while living on the north coast of California. While performing in community theater he and his brother also created their own small works of puppet theater. During High School Ronald took on the challenge of building and performing the large man-eating plant “Audrey 2” for a local production of Little Shop of Horrors.

Deciding to pursue the art of Puppetry he left Humboldt County in 1991 and trained at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, Georgia where he worked and trained for 3 years as a resident puppeteer and for a year as the head puppet builder.

While at the Center for Puppetry Arts Ronald performed in over 1,500 performances of shows using the entire spectrum of puppetry, from shadow puppets, to marionettes to the more familiar hand and rod Muppet-type puppet. He also performed on a national tour of the CPA’s production Dinosaurs.

In 1995 Ronald moved to New York and began working for the Muppets as a puppet builder.

At the Muppets Ronald worked on television shows and films including: Muppet Treasure Island, The Animal Show, Muppets Tonight, Elmo in Grouchland, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss.

In 2000 Ronald was hired as a performer on the pioneering Disney Show The Book of Pooh which fused Muppet-type puppets with “table-top puppetry”. The show was shot entirely against green screen and the sets and backgrounds were rendered with real-time computer animation.

He has been nominated for an Emmy award for his work on the Disney Channel show The Book of Pooh, and the Nickelodeon show Wubbulous world of Dr. Seuss.

In 2002 he worked as the lead puppeteer on the Comedy Central show Crank Yankers which shot in Los Angeles, CA.

On Crank Yankers Ronald performed countless characters, but most notably the character Special Ed. Special Ed gained notoriety when he was beaten up by Eminem during the 2005 MTV Music Video Awards.

After Crank Yankers, Ronald worked in Reykjavik, Iceland as the Puppet Producer and head puppeteer on the Nick Jr. show LazyTown (Now seen on PBS Sprout).

Ronald has been a performance coach at the Eugene O’Neill Puppetry Conference in Waterford, Connecticut.

Ronald has produced many of his own works of theater puppetry at the O’Neill Theater Center, and was a Guest Artist of the conference in 2007 where he produced a show called Crossing Boundaries-Cradle to Grave. A show that dealt with the unsettling trend to target children for marketing messages.

Over the recent years Ronald has worked on pioneering children’s television shows in India, China, and the Australian show The Upside Down show which aired on Noggin.

Recently Ronald has been working with a Non-Government Organization called No Strings International. This NGO uses puppetry to deliver life saving messages to children in the developing world. He has been a lead puppeteer in No String’s Tales of Disaster and Kabing films shot in New York.

In addition to performing in the films Ronald also travels to countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Kenya, Uganda, and Haiti to train local aid workers in the use of puppetry in conjunction with presenting the No Strings films.

In 2011Ronald Binion partnered with the Character Shop in Los Angeles to design, build and perform the “Doug” puppet character which was the spokesperson(puppet) for the 2012 Ford Focus.