Transformed Puppet

Puppetry Artwork of Ronald Binion


Crank Yankers

Crank Yankers is an adult comedy that featured puppet characters and aired on Comedy Central for three seasons and on Mtv2 for a fourth season. The show started filming in New York city in early 2002 and then moved to Los Angeles where it was shot at Hollywood Center Studios for seasons 2-4. The final season was shot in 2006.

I was a principle puppeteer on the show show and performed many of the main characters as well as countless background characters. Each show consisted of five crank phone calls perpetrated by the puppet characters of Yankerville. In each show we shot in 10 different sets to produce both sides of the phone call. Each side was a rich environment of gags, posters, special effects, background characters and crazy action.
The show gained a huge popularity amongst youth audiences and the character Special Ed had a cameo during the 2005 Mtv Music Video Awards where he came out as the famous rap star Eminem’s special buddy to help him with his anger management problem.