Transformed Puppet

Puppetry Artwork of Ronald Binion


PVI-Peripheral Visions International-Puppet Films

PVI-Puppet Films, and PSAs.

Over the last few years PVI-Peripheral Visions International has produced several series of short puppet films and PSAs on a host of issues to be used in Uganda, Tanzanie and other countries in Africa.

To produce these films a team of experienced artists was put together to create the characters and use puppetry and media to communicate important messages.

Over the last several years PVI has produced many short videos on a variety of important subjects relevant to issues in Africa.

It takes a lot of artistry and support to create fun, dynamic and likeable puppet characters. Everything from the lighting, the editing to the costuming and puppet wrangling and assisting is necessary to make these simple characters come to life.

Update March 04, 2016– Peripheral Vision International hosted a Puppet Workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania February 11-26 2016 to train puppeteers in the skills of television puppetry in preparation for more episodes of Katwe Corners that will be shot in Tanzania.

Many of these artists come from the world of children’s television having worked on notable shows like Sesame Street, LazyTown, Crank Yankers and Between the Lions.

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