Transformed Puppet

Puppetry Artwork of Ronald Binion


Midnight Zoo-Storm Winged Oranx


During the Month of October in 2016 the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston Massachusetts produced a Halloween event that led audiences through a mystical and mysterious maze called the “Midnight Zoo” a collection of mythical beasts displayed and protected by the Midnight Zookeepers under the direction of Lord Midnight.

As part of this fun original Halloween offering I designed and built one of the creatures on display at the zoo-The Storm Winged Oranx!

All of the creatures were specially designed and built for the Midnight Zoo by talented artists and puppeteers from Boston, New York and North Carolina. The Midnight Zoo is a collaboration with the Franklin Park Zoo and the Puppet Showplace Theater in Boston.

The Storm Winged Oranx began life in my studio in Brooklyn, New York. I sent designs to Roxie Myhrum and Brad Shur who were the artistic designers, directors of the project.

My main concept was a large puppet that would be operated from behind with both rod and string control, Sort of a cross between an oversize Czech black puppet and a string puppet.