Transformed Puppet
Costume Characters, Puppet Building, Special Effects
Ronald Binion

Costume Characters, Puppet Building,and Effects.

for Theater, Television and Film.

Slideshow Overview of Costume and Puppet Building

Puppet Building

Trickster Mask-Original Production of Lion King on Broadway

Trickster Mask from Original Broadway Production of Lion King. New York.

Slideshow Overview of Costume and Puppet Building

Slideshow of Costumes and Puppet Building

Jimmy Kimmel Live-Halloween show 2015

Slideshow photos of costume build.

Jimmy Kimmel Live- Halloween Show 2014 Kimmel Halloween 2014

Jimmy Kimmel-Ameowadeus Sketch for Post Oscar award show-2014

Slideshow of Costume Build

Pippin the Musical- Broadway 2014

Pippin Tour-2015

Costume elements and Illusion effects.

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Pippin Levitation Rig

Green Screen Suits for

"Book of Pooh" Disney Channel