Why Puppetry?

Puppetry is Powerful.

binion_humanitarian_goal_uganda_puppet_workshop_01NGOs are finding that puppetry is an exciting, innovative and effective tool for communicating important messages.

Why does puppetry work so well?


  • Is Visual Drama.
  • Creates Instant theater.
  • Is a Community Event and Team Building.
  • Can deal with important and sensitive issues in a positive and hopeful method.
  • Can effectively communicate messages of prevention.
  • Crosses boundaries. Bypasses stigma,
  • Crosses different languages, cultures, religions, and nationalities.
  • Gives voice to those unheard.
  • Allows the unseen to be seen through imaginative drama and performance.
  • Is Therapeutic allowing both the performers and the audience to safely deal with difficult emotions and trauma.


Puppetry Workshops.

Teaching puppetry in the local country empowers aid workers to use the visual story-telling of puppetry to localize health messages and communicate in the local language.

The workshops cover a variety of skill development which include:

Puppet manipulation.
Puppet contsruction.
Presentation and performance.
Script writing
Directing, critique and story refinement.