No Strings Intl. Puppet Films and Workshops


No Strings Int. produced a series of films on disaster preparedness using puppet characters. The films addressed preparedness for flood, landslide, tsunami, volcano, earthquake and cyclone. These are all natural disasters that effect the region known as the ring of fire. The films were used in many South East Asian countries and workshops in key countries were held to assist local partnering NGOs to disseminate the film and incorporate a support presentation to reinforce and localize the messages as well as monitor the effectiveness of the films. As part of this presentation live puppet characters was also used.  This necessitated the training of puppet performance skills.

Puppet Workshop Description: Training representatives from partnering aid organizations to use a puppet character as part of the presentation of the No Strings Films. The puppet character was used in presentation in classrooms and community events along with games to assess a baseline knowledge prior to viewing the films, and then to follow up after the films and test retention and understanding of the critical messages. The training involved:

  • Puppet manipulation
  • Scene writing, rehearsing and presentation.
  • Working with messages within the puppet scenes.

No Strings International Puppet Workshop:

dscf8350Phnom Penh, Cambodia