Peripheral Visions International-Katwe Corners

A Puppet Reality TV Show for Uganda. Real conversations about real issues with real puppets.

Katwe Corners is video segment produced by Peripheral Visions International that uses puppet characters to talk about social issues. The conversations are real but enacted by puppet characters to bring visual excitement. The conversations are recorded in Uganda with invited participants so that the issues discussed are contemporary and important. This also ensures in English with a Ugandan accent. The audio is rehearsed and performed by puppeteers using puppet characters and the segments are shot in New York.

The characters are made out of fleece fabric and were designed to be interchangeable as characters. This straightforward design using simple materials and patterns allows for further development to fabricate puppets and produce more segments in East Africa.

Producer and Director: Gosia Lukomska

Director of Photography: Mariusz Cichon

Puppeteers: Adam Pagdon, Lisa Buckley, David Feldman, Lara Maclean, Jessica Simon.

Puppet Designer/Builder: Ronald Binion