PVI-Puppet Workshop in Tanzania

pvi_tanzania_puppet_workshop_manipulation_exercise_01A Television Puppetry Performance Workshop in Tanzania for Peripheral Visions International.

A two week performance and scene writing workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This workshop is part of a capacity building program to train and develop all of the skills needed for generating and performing puppet characters for TV and Film.

Date: February 15-26, 2016

Facilitators: Lisa Buckley and Ronald Binion
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Hosting facility: Nafasi Art Space,
Supported by: Peripheral Visions International
Organized by: Gosia Lukomska

More about the workshop: Tanzania Workshop Blog




Workshop Description:pvi_tanzania_puppet_workshop_monitor_exercise_01

Using puppetry in media is a powerful method of effectively communicating messages and crossing many barriers.

This workshop was designed to teach performers the basic skills necessary to perform puppet characters for television and digital media.

The participants were taught the foundations of puppet manipulation. They also did exercises to create and perform puppet scenes using short dialogue, mock-up props and practice puppets that stood in for a variety of characters.

The final week of the workshop was spent working with the camera and the monitor to apply the skills learned to the unique challenge of performing for a camera. The workshop ended in a final presentation that demonstrated the skills learned in the workshop.