Transformed Puppet
Puppet Character design and fabrication
Ronald Binion

Puppet Character Design and Fabrication.

for Theater, Television and Film.

Costume Characters

Recent Projects

Costume and Puppet build Slideshow

Transformed Puppet Shows

"Chef" Puppet Character for Furry Puppets.

Brain Babies for "Crossing Boundaries-Brain Babies".


"Farmer" for Aliencow Puppet Show Redux

Practice Puppets on Etsy

Endorsed by Adam Savage of Mythbusters



Puppet Building at Rick Lyon's Shop with Adam Savage and James Wojtal.

"Mrs. Lewis" Puppet for Nike Commercial 2009

Doug the 2013 Ford Focus Spokespuppet.


Butterfly for LG Mobile Phone Commercial 2009

"Trekkie Monster" for Avenue Q production in China. Built at the Lyon Puppets Studio. 2014


"Envelope" puppet for LG Mobile Phone Commercial. 2009

Crank Yankers-generic legs for puppet character. 2006

Wooden Hands for "Farmer", Aliencow Puppet Show Redux


Puppet Bodies for Sandglass Theater, VT

"Potato" for "Mash Potato" American Greetings


"Eeyore" Book of Pooh, Disney Channel

Crossing Boudaries-Cradle to Grave

Muppet Workshop

Animal Show- Salmon Puppet and Kangaroo Rat



Muppet Workshop

Owl Puppet-Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree

Pig puppet-Muppet's Tonight

Muppet Workshop

Bannans for Muppet's Tonight

Refurb on Newsman Puppet-Muppet's Tonight


"Sal" Puppet Character

Goat Puppets