AlienCow Puppet Show Redux Film

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Starting as a short theater piece in 1996, AlienCow Puppet show is now a film that has been produced by Heather Henson as part of her Handmade Dreams Film Series.

The film can be seen below.

For decades the disemboweled carcasses of cows and bulls have turned up in pastures all across America. What could possibly cause this unholy and inexplicable bovine pandemic?

Why isn’t this covered in mainstream media? Where can one find the answers? Perhaps only a puppet show can reveal the truth.

Ronald Binion with the Farmer

Ronald Binion with the Farmer

About the film:

The film gives us a glimpse of the uncelebrated life of a Texas cattle rancher on one auspicious evening.

There is a myth that cows are mutilated by aliens performing autopsies for purposes presumably scientific but certainly unnatural.

The film takes us where the theater performance could not: out in the field where the mysterious events took place.

Is this real or a Farmer’s fantasy?

What happened that night?

Only the audience can answer these questions.

Behind the scenes photos: